About the TRC

The Terrorism Research Center in Fulbright College was created in 2003 to facilitate research on terrorism, extremist violence, and effectiveness of intervention strategies.

The TRC’s research is directed toward improving the ability of governmental agencies to both predict and respond to terrorism-related events, as well as honor J. W. Fulbright’s legacy of “Peace Through Education.”

Funded through the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the TRC plays host to the American Terrorism Study (ATS), the nation’s longest-running research project on terrorism in the United States. The project provides a comprehensive record of persons indicted in federal courts as a result of FBI terrorism investigations.
The TRC currently manages several federally funded projects that build off the ATS foundation to examine:
  • Geospatial and temporal patterns of terrorist activities in the United States, including incidents and activities during the planning process
  • Prosecutorial, defense, and investigation strategies relating to terrorism
  • Factors contributing to terrorist longevity over time and interdiction strategies
  • Community risk factors for radicalization and pre-incident activities
For more information about current and past ATS projects and research areas, please see research.