Dr. Jeff Gruenewald

Director & Associate Professor

Katie Ratcliff

Associate Director & Research Program Manager

The Terrorism Research Center core staff works with students and faculty at the graduate and undergraduate level across multiple disciplines, and collaborates with researchers at various organizations and universities. For more information about getting involved with the TRC, please see Opportunities.


Graduate Assistants

Kyle Kaminicki

Evan Mudgett

Meredith Lerma

Fall 2019 Interns
Marilyn Meshach, Jahnavi Gattu, Briana Veiga, Aaron Saenz, Kayley Blalock, Jaisha Zaman, Meredith Bart, & Megan Ramirez

Affiliated Researchers

University of Arkansas

Dr. Grant Drawve

Dr. Christopher Shields

Dr. Brent Smith (Director Emeritus)

Other Institutions

Rutgers University

Michigan State University

University of Maryland